Lausanne, Switzerland

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About us

Scanwel Commodities S.A. acts as a full-fledged trader – buying and selling commodities on the international markets. It has a highly flexible structure that is capable of meeting any client’s demand with regard to commodity, terms of trade, contract size, and trade finance facilities.

Every deal of the company is consistent with the GAFTA and FOSFA guidelines and rules. We are always aiming towards higher levels of transparency, visibility and trust, all of which are regarded as mandatory characteristics for us and our clients.

The company  is specialized in real-delivery trade with grains, oilseeds and their by-products. The main objective is to effectively connect producers and consumers, as it is mostly supplying from countries with abundant agricultural supply like Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania and distributes to countries with high-demand for agricultural products and by-products in Western Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Our aim is to expand the portfolio of commodities traded and trading volumes while keeping precise execution amongst our main priorities. As a fast developing business, Scanwel Commodities emphasizes on the constant broadening of horizons and trade. Multi-cultural expansion of the clients and suppliers base is just one part of the company’s objectives set and regarded as a key factor for successful business.

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