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Scanwel Commodities is a settled trader on the Black Sea and Mediterranean markets for grains, oilseeds and their by-products. Grains traditionally account for the major part of the trading volumes, although year-on-year variability is high due to the constantly changing market conditions. Trading in oilseeds and oils is a constant business for the company.

Regarding individual products, our most common trades are in feed/milling wheat, maize, barley, sunflower seeds, rape seed, soy beans, safflower, camelina seeds, sunflower oil, sunflower expeller cake etc.

We have a tendency to increase the number of traded commodities. It is a result of the conscious efforts of Scanwel Commodities to grow not only by digging deeper into its existing markets, but also by broadening its horizons.


Scanwel Commodities S.A. is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. It has a network of offices spread around all crucial areas of supply for agricultural products in the Black, Mediterranean and Azov seas regions, and the Danube and Volga river zones.

The company has built stable relationships not only with clients and suppliers, but also with service providers dealing in regard to loading, physical control and inspection, insurance, brokerage, freight etc.

The Suppliers of Scanwel are farmers and domestic commodity traders from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, and Bulgaria. Respectively, the main loading ports are: Mariupol, Nikolaev, Berdiansk, Ilichevsk, and Reni in Ukraine; Rostov-on-Don, Yeisk, Azov, Taganrog, and Temryuk in Russia; Constanta in Romania; Varna and Balchik in Bulgaria.

The Clients of Scanwel are international and domestic commodity traders as well as end users – mills, animal feeds plants etc. Export destinations include Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, etc.

The office in Varna, which is very close to the port of Varna, is responsible for Bulgarian and Romanian supply and loading. There is also a supporting office in Sofia, Bulgaria. In order to further enhance the operations and improve supply Scanwel Commodities has settled offices in Russia and Ukraine. The latest addition to the offices of Scanwel is in Istanbul, Turkey, which was established with the purpose of improving service levels and communication with clients.

Being in a growth phase, Scanwel Commmodities S.A. will continue to not only explore new destinations, but also establish better settlement at those already explored.

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